International Women’s Day 2022 - Spotlighting our Miami Mami Affiliates

Cheers to women! Together we are better and stronger than ever. “Heres To Strong Women. May We Know Them. May We Be Them. May We Raise Them.”

We asked few of our many female affiliates some questions on what this day means to them and their roles of being a female content creators, influencers, and makeup artist etc. Here’s what they had to say. 


What is your favourite part about  being a makeup artist? Yllke ( Makeup Artist) (@makeupbyyllke)

“The best part of being a MakeUp Artist is, seeing the smile of people’s faces after applying my makeup. Making people feel confident about themselves. When I think about my Brides, models, students and other people that I’ve done MakeUp in the past, I only remember positive faces & smiles. It’s a great feeling to have that power and to be able to share it with the students and clients. That is the main reason I keep working harder each day.” -Yllke 


What does the idea of power mean to you?

What did I dream of doing when I was a little girl?

"Power starts within me. It's the ability to control my emotions and to know when to make calculated decisions. To hold myself accountable & to know nobody reigns over me. Power is my ability to influence an entire room by simply being my truest self. It is standing on my beliefs without allowing anything or anyone to cause doubt within me."

"Growing up I had many dreams. I dreamt of my life being like Disney Fairy Tale. Although instead of being a princess living in a big castle I always dreamt that I would be the one to build it. My parents were growing their landscaping business & I wanted to follow in their exact footsteps. As a little girl I also dreamt of having a big family, bigger than the one I already had growing up. I wanted to be important, and to little Mish that meant being the president of a nation. As a little girl with many dreams I also wanted to be an explorer, to find places in the jungle that hadn't yet been discovered. Every year I dreamt bigger but even as a young girl my biggest dream was to love and be loved."

- CEO Mich (Michelle) 


What has been your most greatest achievement or proudest moment being a makeup artist? 


"An amazing moment was doing one of my first clients, I’ll never forget her. I remember I put on a full face of foundation while working on her base, and she burst into tears. She opened up to me and shared her struggle with rosacea and how it had impacted her confidence, and she told me how she’d never felt this beautiful, and it was all thanks to me. It made me realize how something so simple can make someone’s day, I feel like it is always heartwarming seeing my clients confidence boost through the roof once I show them that they are beautiful before makeup, and all I focus on is working with THEIR features. It’s an amazing feeling. It is always rewarding seeing my clients confidence raise while they are in my chair. It’s my biggest achievement." -Dea  (Makeup Artist) (


What advice would you give to other women who would like to give it a shot at becoming a content creator ? - Nivi

“Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and embrace your personal style and aesthetic. Self confidence is contagious! Look for inspiration and make it your own, that’s what sets you apart from the pack. Your individuality." -Nivi (Influencer, Content Creator) (@Nivxedha)


“What did you dream of becoming when you were younger?” - Ada Elizabeth (Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist, Content Creator)

“Which woman do you admire the most?”


When I was younger I wanted to be a lawyer and an artist part time. My family told me I was good at arguing so I just thought being a lawyer would be for me hahah.

A woman I admired the most growing up was my mother. She was working so hard to take care and provide for me and my siblings. She’s honestly the strongest and most motivated woman I know. -Ada Elizabeth 


How do you celebrate yourself ? 


“Self care is the best way to celebrate yourself. Taking the time in the morning to do my makeup is extremely therapeutic. It gives me, me time and it sets the tone for the rest of the day”-Andrea Camilla (Makeup Artist, Content Creator) (@elegantbeauty)


What’s the best part about being a content creator?

“Interacting with other local content creators and building a community of creative and inspiring women”- Luna (Influencer, Content Creator) (@lifewithluunaa)


Why do you love being apart of the Miami Mami.Co family? 

 "I love being a part of the Miami Mami.Co family because I get to be a part of a beautiful group of diverse and talented people who share a love and passion for beauty and make up artistry. The achievement I'm most proud of is completing my degree and post-graduate education while also thriving in my make up career."- Jules (Makeup Artist, Content Creator) (@glamplugjules)