Celebrating Black History Month


History seems boring because we weren't a part of it but we need to know it, you know why? Because it shaped who we are today, the values we hold and the life we live.


To celebrate black history month, we would like to thank all the black community individuals who have worked tirelessly alongside us to shape what we are today. These are our influencers, makeup artists, YouTubers, content creators, entrepreneurs who showed their trust in us and have been a part of our journey.



Sierra Alli 

Sierra Alli (@sierra_alli) is a 21 yr old, Toronto-based growing influencer and model for Alfa Swimwear.  She has been part of Miamimami.co brand ambassador team for 2020-2022 and has been a part of us from our initial years. 

 hooded eyes, monolids, lashextensions, mink lashes

Alexus Deanna 

Alexus Deanna (@lexusdeanna) is a makeup artist, influencer, content creator and YouTuber. She was a former brand ambassador for the Miamimamai.co and has collaborated with us for her YouTube video and helped us reach a wider audience through social media platforms. 


Kamisha Ni’Chelle 

Kamisha Ni’Chelle (@glaminichelle) a US-based YouTuber, vlogger, makeup artist, former Brand Ambassador and model for Miamimami.co. she worked with us in creating lash looks and increasing our reach in the market. 


hooded eyes, mink lashes

Isabella Kuol 

Isabella Kuol (@chaikuol) is a Toronto-based freelance makeup artist and a model.  She has worked immensely for our brand as a campaign model and will be seen in our upcoming projects. She has been part of our journey and has seen and worked for the growth of our brand. 


Jess  Loraine 

Jess(@jvanityxo) is a makeup artist, model and ambassador for inglouk, a content creator that has collaborated with Miamimami.co and has helped us in wider reach.  


Ada Elizabeth 

Ada Elizabeth (@elizabethcollectionstudio) an entrepreneur has her own wig line, extension specialist, makeup artist content creator, influencer and our brand ambassador. 



Cassandre is a Toronto-based model that has worked with Miamimami.co for over a year and has been a face for our campaigns during that time. 



TOME (Michelle Akanbi)

Michelle Akanbi also known as TOME is a renowned singer, songwriter, actor, model, creative director and dancer. Michelle has always supported the brand and been a part of our growth and a huge motivation for us. 


Mamimami.co , a proudly black-owned e-commerce store, appreciates their struggles and journey for our present and their contribution to promoting equality, inclusiveness, diversity and respecting other communities for which we as a brand values the most. 

We are grateful for your contribution to our company and appreciate the coming influencers and strong voices of African American backgrounds who work for society as a whole.